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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MT4 error 130?

/ MT4 Error 130: How to Fix Invalid Stops What is MT4 error 130? The MT4 error 130 is an OrderSend error code of the MetaTrader 4 platform. A trading platform shows this error code when an Expert Advisor fails to execute an order according to expectations. This error is also known as invalid stops.

What is ordersend error 130 in MetaTrader 4?

The OrderSend Error 130 appears in MetaTrader 4 when an Expert Advisor can’t execute a marker order as expected. Also known as the Invalid Stop (ERR_INVALID_STOPS) in MQL jargon, the Error 130 happens when the TakeProfit and StopLoss levels are set to close to the current market price. Where does this error come from?

What is the ordersend error code on the MT4?

For direct buy orders, if your stop-loss limit is greater than the asking price and the take profit level is lower than the bidding price, the MT4 will still show the OrderSend error code.

What is error code 130?

On the other hand, for market sell orders, an error code 130 appears when the stop-loss level is lower than the bidding price and the take-profit level is higher than the asking price. Pending orders An error code130 may also appear during placing a buy limit and buy stop order.

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