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Frequently Asked Questions

What does error #1 mean in ordermodify?

Programming for a better future. Error #1 mean OrderModify attempts to replace the values already set with the same values. One or more values must be changed, then modification attempt can be repeated. Logically you might think it should be different SL value to post on modify function.

How to modify market and pending orders in MQL4?

MQL4 allows you to modify market and pending orders. Orders are modified according to the rules described in Order Characteristics and in Appendix 3. Trade requests for modifying of market and pending orders are formed using the function OrderModify ().

What happens when the selected order is not modified?

In block 4-5, the necessity to modify the selected order (currently processed in the cycle 'for') is calculated, as well as a new value of StopLoss. If the current order needn't be modified, the program exits the cycle 'while' at the end of block 4-5 and this order is not modified (in block 5-6).

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