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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install Firefox on Windows 11?

To get started, open any browser, and go to Now, click on the “ Download Firefox “ button in order to download Firefox for your Windows 11 PC. After the download is complete, run the “ Firefox Installer ” file. Wait for the installation to be completed. After it’s completed, you will get to a welcome page.

What are the benefits of using Firefox for Windows 11?

Firefox browser gives you effortless privacy protection with lightning-fast page loads. Enhanced Tracking Protection automatically blocks over 2,000 known online trackers from invading your privacy and slowing down your webpages. Firefox browser also introduces a clean new design that makes it easier to get more things done, more quickly.

Is Firefox compatible with Windows 11?

Installing Firefox from the Microsoft store requires Windows 10 or Windows 11. Click on the Windows icon located on the taskbar. Type Microsoft Store . Select the Microsoft Store from the results. This will take you to the Microsoft app store. Type Firefox in the search bar and press Enter .

Is Firefox free to download for Windows 11?

Mozilla offers a fully functional Firefox download for free, including the Enterprise version meant for business use. The only paid service currently offered by Mozilla is their Firefox Virtual Private Network (VPN), but other add-ons from third-parties may have an associated charge.

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