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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the initial version of Firefox ESR 45 and accessagent?

Initial version for Firefox ESR 45 and AccessAgent 8.2.2 with fix pack 9. Related Information Extensions

How many versions of Mozilla Firefox are there?

Stats: 30,171 versions of 1,984 programs Pick a software title... to downgrade to the version you love! Windows » Internet » Mozilla Firefox » Mozilla Firefox 45.0.1 Get Updates on Mozilla Firefox Tweet Mozilla Firefox 45.0.1 373,698 Downloads Mozilla Firefox 45.0.15out of 5based on 1ratings. File Size: 41.48 MB Date Released: Mar 16, 2016

Is it safe to use old versions of Firefox?

Although Mozilla has a website with old versions of Firefox for testing purposes, it is not recommended that you use anything but the latest version. Warning: Using old versions of Firefox poses a significant security risk.

Can I downgrade Firefox to an older version?

The latest Firefox version includes security updates so downgrading to an older version leaves you more vulnerable to attacks and usually doesn't fix the problem. This article gives you some alternatives to downgrading and links to older versions of Firefox if you do choose to downgrade.

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