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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mozilla Firefox really a safe browser?

So, in the strictest sense of the question, a safe browser does not exist, because completely safe, and complex enough to be functional are mutually exclusive. In terms of relative safety however, Mozilla Firefox has a lot going for it. There is a responsive security team that works both proactively and reactively to eliminate vulnerabilitie

Is Mozilla Firefox good or bad?

this is probably good.... mozilla firefox is a better web browser than internet explorer...less popups etc... If you configure it right it can be a very good browser. Straight "out of the box" though, it's just an alternative to me.

Will Mozilla Firefox keep your PC safe enough?

When it comes to safety, the benefit is obvious, and with Firefox, very little data is collected about you. Plus, even if a hacker makes their way into your browser, Firefox has built-in protection to still keep you safe.

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