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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Firefox 68 ESR?

Firefox ESR July 9, 2019 Version 68.0esr, first offered to ESR channel users on July 9, 2019 Firefox 68 ESR includes all of the enhancements since Firefox 60 along with many new features to make your enterprise deployments easier and even more flexible.

What is Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR)?

Switch to Firefox Extended Support... Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR) is an official version of Firefox developed for large organizations like universities and businesses that need to set up and maintain Firefox on a large scale. Firefox ESR does not come with the latest features but it has the latest security and stability fixes.

Where can I download Mozilla Firefox ESR?

Mozilla Firefox ESR, Portable Edition is available for immediate download from the Mozilla Firefox ESR, Portable Edition homepage. Get it today! Please consider making a donation so we can keep bringing you great software.

What if my Firefox ESR version is lower than my current version?

If the Firefox ESR version you install is lower than the Firefox version you are currently using, data loss or other problems can occur. A Firefox Refresh may fix some problems but we recommend that you create a new Firefox profile to use with Firefox ESR.

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