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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have problems with Mozilla Firefox?

Some Firefox issues can be caused by a problem with one of the Firefox program files. Follow these steps to completely remove and reinstall Firefox. This process will not remove your Firefox profile data (such as bookmarks and passwords), since that information is stored in a different location.

How to install Firebug in Mozilla Firefox?

Open Mozilla Firefox browser. Open the " Open menu " and select Add-ons section. In the Add-ons Manager page, enter FireBug in the search bar and hit the Install button. Install the Firebug. After you've installed firebug, you can install Firepath.

Is Mozilla Firefox still in use?

Yes. Lots of people use it. According to Browser Market Share Worldwide, 4.2% of the users still use Firefox, which in number of people is a lot. The reason for Chrome being the first is that almost every browser is Chrome now.

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