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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the most common Russian male names?

According to recent polls, here are the ten most popular Russian boy names: Alexander, Maxim, Ivan, Artyom, Dmitry, Nikita, Mikhail, Daniil, Yegor, and Andrey. It might be useful for you to know their short forms so that you can use them in unofficial, more relaxed situations.

What is the Slavic variation of a popular Russian male name?

Dimitri is one of the popular Russian male names. The name is Slavic variation of the Greek god of fertility and farming. The unique Russian male name is one of the soft and sweet names meaning ‘eternal ruler’. Hedeon is the Russian variation of Hebrew name Gideon.

Are there any short forms for Russian boy names?

Here are the short forms of the most popular Russian boy names: Sasha, Max, Vanya, Tyoma, Dima, Nik, Misha, Danya. Interestingly enough, the names Yegor and Andrey don’t have a short form and remain unchanged. Other common Russian names for boys are Vladimir, Sergei, Aleksei, Nikolai, Yury, Vasily, and Pyotr.

How has the Russian naming tradition changed in the 20th century?

More new names appeared in Russia in the 20th century after the 1917 Revolution. These usually reflected the new communist ideals, for example, Борец (baRYETS)—"fighter," Идея (eeDYEya)—"idea," or Победа (paBYEda)—"victory." Some names were also abbreviations of famous communist slogans.

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