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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most popular first names in the US?

United States (2020) Liam: Noah: Oliver: Elijah: William: James: Benjamin: Lucas: Henry: Alexander: United States (most common names, 1990 census) James: John: Robert: Michael: William: David: Richard: Charles: Joseph: Thomas: Uruguay: Agustín: Matías: Santiago: Nicolás: Martín: Bruno: Francisco: Rodrigo: Mateo: Joaquín: Venezuela (2011) Sebastián: Santiago: Samuel: Diego: Gabriel: Alejandro

What are the most common male names in the US?

Common male names include Robert, John, Matthew, James, and Michael. Popular female names are Emma, Maria, Susan, Jennifer, and Nancy. There are thousands of names to choose from as new parents, and if you are looking for name ideas or are simply curious, this article will describe the world’s most common names.

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