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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it make a difference to follow monism or dualism?

The main difference between Monism and Dualism is that Monism is the ultimate belief is that the mind and the body are the same elements and are generated from a supreme soul. Whereas, Dualism believes that the mind and the works separate from each other and it is said that an individual is not generated from a supreme soul but the existence of ...

Would dualism be considered a philosophy?

Typically in Western philosophy, dualism is considered to be a dualism between mind (nonphysical) and brain (physical), which ultimately involves mind interacting with the physical brain, and therefore also interacting with the micro-particles (basic building blocks) that make up the brain tissue.

Does dualism even make sense?

Dualism is best option for understanding the mind and the brain. Theories that attempt to show that the mind does not really exist clearly don’t work and never did. Neurosurgeon Michael Egnor reviews the mind-brain theories for East Meets West: Theology Unleashed. He think dualism makes the best sense of the evidence.

What does Plato say about dualism?

Plato, Aristotle’s teacher, relied on the premise of Dualism which first derived from his theory of forms. This is a rather metaphysical idea and follows that everything on earth, be it a rock or a television, has a corresponding form or ‘perfect’ ideal that exists in another realm entirely separate.

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