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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a fitness Mirror cost?

Because fitness mirrors require a considerable financial commitment (about $1,500 to $2,000), we used to be a bit skeptical. However, with the future of gyms uncertain and more people opting for at-home exercise, we think fitness mirrors are one of, if not the best way to reach your fitness goals, in a socially distant yet still interactive way.

Which workout mirror is right for You?

If you're up for getting your heart rate moving and your blood pumping, this list will help you find the right workout mirror for you. There's the Tonal, a workout mirror which revamped the experience of at-home weight training. The Echelon Reflect, on the other hand, is essentially a different version of the Mirror.

What is a Vue fitness mirror?

Similar to NordicTrack’s fitness mirror, the Vue fitness mirror from ProForm, which has a 22-inch touchscreen, comes with a basic set of equipment so you don’t have to supply your own to do one of its guided workouts, led by iFit trainers.

How much does a mirror subscription cost?

With the MIRROR subscription, you have access to unlimited live and on-demand fitness classes for up to five users. The Mirror subscription costs $39/month and comes with a one-year minimum commitment. Monthly billing begins upon delivery and installation of your Mirror.

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