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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the offer for Mirror 2 Project X bundle End?

SPECIAL PROMOTION! Offer ends October 13 Buy Mirror 2: Project X Bundle BUNDLE (?) Buy this bundle to save 15% off all 9 items! Loading... Loading... Please know that this is an optional DLC.

How many chapters in Project X?

[TL;DR] 6 Chapters->8 Chapters; Costumes DLC; Start game directly from the Flowchart Mirror 2: Project X has reached #1 of the Steam "GLOBAL TOP SELLERS" in only a few hours thanks to the enthusiasm of all of you!

Why is Project X called novastella Island?

Because Project X has gotten such bad reviews after basically scamming people into buying a game that turned out different than originally advertised, these scumbags have changed the name of Project Z to Novastella Island, published by "Nova Studio." 1. The game was originally advertised to be 18+ game. 2.

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