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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the mirror's edge Trophy?

Start a "New Game" in Story Mode, choose the difficulty you want to play on and you will come in a tutorial level where you will learn the basic controls of Mirror's Edge. Do not skip the tutorial or else you won't get the trophy!

Is mirror's Edge Catalyst first person?

None This open-world, first-person action game marks the return of the innovative Mirror's Edge series. You are Faith Connors, a Runner, and this is your origin story. Catalyst follows Faith on her journey as she transforms from an ordinary young woman into a formidable rebel and parkour expert.

How do I get the metagrid Trophy?

It can't be started until the last quarter of the story. An Ear to the Ground - Complete "The Metagrid" in Anchor District to unlock this side mission. Simply complete these two side missions and you will earn this trophy, finishing the gridNode isn't necessary.

What is a dash dash in mirror's edge 2?

Dashes are similar to Speedruns in the original Mirror's Edge, however these are much easier because they are on average extremely short and aren't so demanding on needing to be overly precise, and most importantly the controls respond a lot better to your inputs in this game.

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