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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mindvalley and how does it work?

Well, Mindvalley is a platform that enables you to learn the subjects that truly matter to you, it gives you the opportunity to learn everything you wished you’d learnt at school. Think traditional education and being stuck in a stuffy classroom well, Mindvalley is the complete opposite.

What is Mindvalley mentoring?

Mindvalley Mentoring, included in the membership, is a platform offering high-impact coaching from Vishen Lakhiani and his mentors. At times, you will actually be learning alongside Vishen. This is quite a unique approach to mentoring. One that will give you an intimate view of how a high-performing CEO approaches the act of learning.

Is Mindvalley membership worth it?

This is also one of the prime reasons for Mindvalley Membership offering arguably the best value-for-money collection of online classes. Mindvalley gets high marks in all five usability characteristics: it’s effective, efficient, engaging, error-tolerant, and easy to learn.

What are the best Mindvalley courses?

Duality is yet another excellent course that I discovered while doing this Mindvalley review. Its author is Jeffery Allen, and it's available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and German. It falls under the soul category and addresses the following areas:

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