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Frequently Asked Questions

How to learn mind control techniques?

meditation is the best technique to focus your mind according to your will. sit on any peaceful place,close your eyes and try to focus. try not to think about anything. well its very difficult initially but ones you get used to it,you could feel your inner peace and become the dragon warrior. (dont take me as shifu). you can gain more and more perfection by practicing it. try to indulge it into your daily routine. keep patience. it helps.

How to overcome mind control?

First, identify the thoughts you want to change.Accept unwanted thoughts and work on them. ...Keeping the situation in perspective can help you manage your worries about it happening again instead of letting fear hold you back from finding someone new.One great way to get in the habit of accepting unwanted thoughts is mindful meditation.More items...

What should I do to control my mind?

Take a look at the impact of your emotions. Intense emotions aren't all bad. ...Aim for regulation, not repression. ...Identify what you're feeling. ...Accept your emotions — all of them. ...Keep a mood journal. ...Take a deep breath. ...Know when to express yourself. ...Give yourself some space.

How to control your subconscious mind smoothly?

Make better decisionsImprove efficiencyBoost your confidenceCommunicate betterFind hidden informationAnticipate the futurePlan for what lies aheadCreate a better world

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