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Frequently Asked Questions

What is midijam and what does it do?

MidiJam is a program that uses .mid files, or "MIDI files" and visualizes them into instruments. This Wiki is a guide to MidiJam, and it's components.

Where can I download MIDI files for free?

You can then go to and download as many free midi files as you want (there’s other directories out there too, just google “midi directory”). Then you can open them in MidiJam and enjoy the midi visualization “on steroids.”

What instruments are played in a MIDI file?

It actually takes the actual instruments that are in the midi file and shows them playing REAL notes. So the piano plays the actual piano notes that are being heard in the midi file. If there is a bass present, you’ll see the bass plucking real notes too. Same with drums, horns, strings…

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