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Frequently Asked Questions

How to activate product key in word?

You can download the installation file from Microsoft website for free. Step 2. Open Word application and go to File->Help menu. Step 3. Tap on Activate Product Key button and follow the instructions and enter your 25-character product key to complete the process.

Can I use Microsoft Word without a product key?

Even though you do not purchase the Microsoft product key, you can use Microsoft Word for free. 1. Microsoft provides a month free trial of Office 365 Home Premium. So you can use Word on multiple PCs and Macs for a month without paying a penny. 2. Office Professional Plus 2013 has two months free trial.

What is a free product key?

These free product keys are more likely to be created by a product key creating program or simply copied from Microsoft Office. Although some product keys may available, the product keys produced by product key programs have many limits. For instance, the product key is only available for a month.

How many characters are in a Microsoft Word product key?

A Microsoft word product key usually contains 25 characters, including numbers and alphabets. And the location of product key depends on the way you got Microsoft Word program. 1. If you purchased Microsoft Office or Microsoft Word from online Microsoft Store, you can find the key in your Microsoft account.

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