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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a free product key for Microsoft Word?

You can download the installation file from Microsoft website for free. Open Word application and go to File->Help menu. Tap on Activate Product Key button and follow the instructions and enter your 25-character product key to complete the process. If you want to activate Microsoft Word 2013 or 2016, you can use your Microsoft account.

How can I get Microsoft Word for free?

You can use Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, etc. to access a free version of Microsoft Word. All you need to a Microsoft account and an internet connection. You can go to the official Microsoft Office Online page in your browser, sign in to your Microsoft account, and choose Microsoft Word to use the app online for free.

What is the product key for Microsoft Word?

For Windows software and operating systems, product keys are typically 25-character codes used to activate a product you've purchased. These keys to the digital kingdom verify that you actually own the product in question, giving you a digital license to use stuff like Windows or Office.

How do I get a Microsoft Office 365 Product Key?

If you purchased Microsoft Office or Microsoft Word from online Microsoft Store, you can find the key in your Microsoft account. When you need the product key, you can go to and sign in your Microsoft account and find the product key in Digital content page. 2. Another way is My Office Account.

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