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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you access Microsoft Teams?

To get a basic free version of Microsoft Teams:Make sure you have a Microsoft account. ...Sign up for Microsoft Teams for free.Enter the email you use for your Microsoft account.Choose the version you want to get: For work and organizations (also called “Teams free” or “for work”). ...Select Next and follow the prompts.More items...

How to download Microsoft Teams?

Go directly to the official Microsoft Teams download page. Click on the “Download for desktop” button to download the setup file to your PC. Wait for the download to complete, then go to your download folder and double-click on the.exe. file to start the installation.

How do you get Microsoft Teams?

What to KnowAt the Microsoft website, select Download Teams > Download for Desktop > Download Teams. Select Continue on the welcome screen.Select Install. Enter an admin password and choose Install Software. ...Launch the Teams app and log in with a Microsoft account. Personalize Teams on the Settings screen for notifications, privacy, and other options.

How to download MS teams in laptop?

How To Download Microsoft Teams On Laptop, PCFirstly, open the web browser and navigate to Microsoft.comCheck for the profile at the top right corner and select Download as Desktop AppAfter the download, open and run the fileEnter your login credentials in Microsoft Teams

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