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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the school mascot of the University of Michigan?

U-M does have a mascot — the wolverine — but what people are wondering about is an animal, real or a costumed character, that gallivants along the sidelines during games leading cheers. The typical answer is a terse grumble about “tradition” and how “Tom Harmon never needed a mascot” and that Michigan “doesn’t need one now.”

Why is U of M mascot a Wolverine?

Why is U of M mascot a wolverine? The simplest reason for the wolverine nickname would be that the animal was abundant in Michigan at some time. Because many of the furs were in fact wolverine pelts, the traders may have referred to them as “Michigan wolverines,” leading to the state nickname and ultimately to the University of Michigan symbol.

What are some good mascot names?

What are some good mascot names?? Good Mascot Names:-Crunch; Falcons; Mountaineers; Red Sox; Thunderbirds; Bombers; Red Raiders; Outlaws; Trojans; Raiders; More items... What is the best high school mascot?? There are generally four reasons why schools and professional sports leagues have mascots: They pump up the crowd, event when the team isn’t in play.

What university has a moose mascot?

The Moose: A New Mascot for Amherst College. April 3, 2017 ·. The ballots have been submitted, the votes have been tallied, and we are now the Amherst College Mammoths! A mammoth is not the same as a moose, but the two aren't so dissimilar, and much more importantly a mammoth is decidedly not a Lord Jeff.

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