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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the University of Michigan mascot a Wolverine?

Since a wolverine has a reputation of being ornery, Ohioans called Michiganians “wolverines” as the two sides struggled over who owned the disputed Toledo Strip. Years later, the University of Michigan adopted the wolverine as its school mascot. Today, wolverines live in cooler climates, like the northern portions of Europe, North America and Asia.

What is the name of Michigans football mascot?

Michigan football is a program full of rich history that dates all the way back to the 1800s. From the winged helmet to “The Big House,” there are so many great stories and traditions. One such tradition that has been around almost as long as the program itself is the Wolverine mascot.

What is the Michigan State mens basketball mascot?

Sparty, the muscular mascot of Michigan State athletics, was voted the second-best college basketball mascot, according to a survey conducted by the gambling website, Time2Play. About 1,490 NCAA basketball fans across all 50 states were surveyed.

What is the Michigan Wolverine mascot name?

Today, we know the mascot as Murderwolf, but the original name is somewhat of a mystery. Some claim it was named “8-ball” or simply “Wolvy.”. However, the Murderwolf name came from none other than The Michigan Daily. The postgame columnist wrote: “The M Club trotted out a new mascot to kick off the season.

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