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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the seats on the Met Opera?

Seat Maps Met Opera Seating Zones Description Description of 2021-22 Met Opera Seating Zones Orchestra Orchestra Premium Aisle– First twenty rows, two seats on each side of the aisle Orchestra Premium– First twenty rows center Orchestra Prime– Wraps around Orchestra Premium on sides and at the back

What is the largest seating area in the Metropolitan Opera House?

The Orchestra section is the largest seating area in the Metropolitan Opera House with a seating capacity of 1583, along with an additional 100 standing places. There are 33 rows in this section starting from A and ending with EE. Within the orchestra section, there are different subsections, each offering views of varying quality.

What is the Metropolitan Opera House known for?

The Metropolitan Opera House is also home to the Metropolitan Opera Company and the American Ballet Theatre in the summer months. Looking to score cheap tickets on Broadway? Get great last minute deals on Broadway tickets on Headout, your one stop, on-demand mobile concierge.

What browsers are compatible with Metropolitan Opera?

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