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Frequently Asked Questions

What is merge replication?

In merge replication, conflict resolution takes place at the article level. For publications composed of several articles, you can have different conflict resolvers serving different articles, or the same conflict resolver serving one article, several articles, or all the articles comprising a publication.

How does merge replication detect data changes between publisher and subscriber?

data changes that occur on the publisher and the subscriber are merged at the time of synchronization. This article primarily focuses on how merge replication detects conflicts and how they are resolved using the default and custom conflict handlers. Conflict occurs whenever data changes both on the publisher

How does the merge agent detect and resolve conflicts?

If conflicts are detected, the Merge Agent uses a conflict resolver (which is specified when an article is added to a publication) to determine which data is accepted and propagated to other sites. Merge replication offers a variety of methods to detect and resolve conflicts. For most applications, the default method is appropriate:

How do I resolve a conflict with the subscriber row?

you choose “Subscriber Always Wins Conflict Resolver”, you do not have to provide a column name as an input since the subscriber row wins each time there is a conflict. Here is a list of the custom resolvers that come with SQL Server

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