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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth it to join Mensa?

The only person who can decide if it’s worth it to you … is you. Unless you live out in the boonies most of the value of Mensa is the local group & their activities. All Mensa groups have some attributes in common, but each group is individual as well. So what will matter for you is how well you and your local group mesh together.

What is the cost to join Mensa?

The fees mentioned above cover the cost of testing and evaluation by our consultant psychologist. If an invitation to join Mensa is issued, annual fees are payable to become and remain a member. Currently these are $88 for full membership and $44 for concession or a child. Fees are reduced to $30 if another family member is also a member of Mensa.

Is Mensa membership worth it?

The point isn't Mensa membership should be the only or most important factor of your resumé, but it absolutely isn't, and shouldn't be, a negative thing. It is a positive thing. The anti-Mensa sentiments here are completely anti-intellectual. Originally Answered: Would potential employers care if I were a member of MENSA?

How to join Mensa?

How to Join Mensa. The first step to join Mensa is to pass a Mensa Admission Test or provide evidence of achieving a qualifying score on one of 200 standardized tests. Tests are given locally at various times throughout the year. In addition, a Private Mensa Admission Test can be scheduled for a time and location convenient to you.

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