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Frequently Asked Questions

Who wrote the song Memories from cats?

Memory is the most popular and well known song from the musical, Cats. It is performed by Grizabella. The lyrics of the song are written by Cats director Trevor Nunn. The song is based on T. S. Eliot's poems "Preludes" and "Rhapsody on a Windy Night".

Who sings Memories in cats?

Memory (song) "Memory" is a show tune from the 1981 musical Cats. It is sung by the character Grizabella, a one-time glamour cat who is now only a shell of her former self. The song is a nostalgic remembrance of her glorious past and a declaration of her wish to start a new life.

Who sang the original song Memories?

Memories (1915 song) The song has become a pop standard, recorded by many people over the years. Early successes were by Henry Burr who recorded the song in December 1915 using the name of Harry McClaskey, and by John Barnes Wells who recorded it for Victor Records (catalog 17968A) on February 3, 1916.

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