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What is inside Maia’s Memory Box?

In Montreal, a blizzard rages as Alex (Paloma Vauthier) pores over her mother Maia’s “memory box”, a trove of correspondence from her youth in 1980s Beirut. Notebooks, photographs and cassette tapes form a self-portrait of Maia’s adolescence, detailing her vices (smoking), secret boyfriends (“Raja”) and favourite songs (Fade to Grey by Visage).

How does digmypics compare to Legacy Box?

The regular pricing at DigMyPics was the same as Legacy Box at 60% off and by far superior customer service. As previously done about 10 yrs ago they did a great job as expected...thank you

Do your movies from the 1960s bring back memories for You?

My movies were from the 1960s and am more than please with the outcome. You do have remember that back then video cameras did not have the ability to do low light videos, but even though you can see the images enough to bring back the memories.

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