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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the features of the memory box?

The white-washed box features a secure sliding lid, frame-on-frame construction photo slot, and the sentiment "Love You to the Moon and Back". Our sweet memory box is sure to make a great baby shower or newborn gift.

What is a keepsake box?

In bedrooms, entryways, mantles and more, keepsake boxes have provided a unique heirloom touch many spaces. Perfect for storing treasured items or everyday objects, they provide an eye-catching and warm look.

How to get free shipping on shell casing memento boxes?

Free Shipping offering when you purchase more than 1 of the Shell Casing Memento Box. Use coupon code - shipfreeshell2020 at checkout. * Free shipping only applies to the Honor Guard Cartridge Box. Additional items purchased with coupon offer will incur shipping cost.

What size are cvhomedeco photo boxes?

CVHOMEDECO. Primitive Vintage Square Photos, Memories, Keepsakes Cardboard Nesting Boxes, Large 9 X 9 X 4-1/2 Inch. Set of 3. . . . In stock soon. . . Only 16 left in stock - order soon.

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