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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Medicare Part covers only prescription drugs?

Prescription drugs in the lowest tiers, usually generic medications, have lower copayments. Brand-name and specialty medications in the higher tiers cost more out-of-pocket. Medicare Part D only covers prescription drugs that are FDA approved. Experimental medications are generally not covered. How much does a Medicare prescription drug plan cost?

What drugs are covered by Medicare?

Medicare Part B may cover drugs that are given in a doctor’s office and aren’t typically self-administered. Examples include vaccines and chemotherapy. Routine vision care: Original Medicare won’t cover most routine vision services and supplies, including eye exams, eyeglasses, contacts, and exams to get fitted for contacts and glasses ...

Do you get your prescription drugs from Medicare?

Medicare prescription drug coverage will pay (“creditable coverage”). People with Medicare can enroll in a Medicare prescription drug plan from November 15, 2005 through May 15, 2006. Then, each year, beginning in 2006, everyone will have the opportunity to enroll in a Medicare prescription drug plan between November 15. th and December 31st.

What medications are not covered by Part D?

Plans cannot cover drugs that are not approved by the FDA. For example, dessciated thyroid is an unapproved drug and a Part D plan cannot cover it. If Medicare Part A, hospital insurance, or Part B, medical insurance, covers a medication, a Part D drug plan cannot. Flu vaccinations and IV chemotherapy medications are two examples.

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