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Frequently Asked Questions

What wind speed can damage a house?

Wind damage is measured on the Fujita scale: EF-0) Light damage: Wind speeds of 65-85mph can cause some damage to shingles and siding. EF-1) Moderate damage: Wind speeds of 86-110mph cause considerable damage. Trees can be uprooted, single-wide mobile homes can be overturned and flag poles bend.

How to measure wind velocity?

An anemometer is one of the tools used to measure wind speed. A device consisting of a vertical pillar and three or four concave cups, the anemometer captures the horizontal movement of air particles (wind speed).

What is the unit of measurement for wind speed?

Wind is the horizontal movement of air and is specified by its speed and direction. The normal unit of wind speed is the knot (nautical mile per hour = 0.51 m sec-1 = 1.15 mph). Wind direction is measured relative to true north (not magnetic north) and is reported from where the wind is blowing.

What is the maximum speed of wind?

All wind turbines are designed for a maximum wind speed, called the survival speed, above which they will be damaged. The survival speed of commercial wind turbines is in the range of 40 m/s (144 km/h, 89 MPH) to 72 m/s (259 km/h, 161 MPH). The most common survival speed is 60 m/s (216 km/h, 134 MPH).

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