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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did three Maui police officers suddenly retire?

Three veteran high-ranking Maui Police Department officers say their sudden retirements were spurred by changes implemented by new Police Chief John Pelletier, who said he would “fillet the first one” who was insubordinate.

What is the mission of the Maui Police Department?

The mission of the Maui Police Department is to serve the community in a manner that epitomizes those ideals woven into the fabric of the Constitution of the United States and the Spirit of Aloha. We will serve to enhance the quality of life in cooperation with all of those who share these beautiful islands in making this a better place to live.

How much does it cost to become a Maui County police officer?

Maui County is now accepting applications for Police Officer I positions. Continuous recruitment. $5,471.0/Month plus generous benefit package. Become one of our Ohana.

What happened to Wailuku patrol?

Holokai said the transfers from the two units resulted in a net gain of zero Wailuku patrol officers because two officers were transferred to the Receiving Desk and one was sent back to vice on special assignment. The other three officers, a lieutenant and two sergeants, are in supervisory positions, Holokai said.

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