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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Master of Science (Managerial Economics)?

The Master of Science (Managerial Economics) seeks to groom leaders with an acumen in strategic thinking and managerial decision making in the context of business, government and society. The programme integrates economic theory with management practice to meet public and private sector challenges.

Who approves managerial economics courses?

These courses, however, must be approved by both the Director of NCPA and the NTU School or division concerned. Managerial Economics is an introductory to intermediate microeconomic course specially designed for master students in managerial economics.

How long is the MSc Economics degree?

Duration: One year full-time / two years with a work placement Our MSc Economics degree has been designed to give you an in-depth understanding of economic concepts, principles and techniques by focusing on the application of economics to contemporary real-world issues.

What is a business management and economics course?

Our Business Management and Economics course will provide you with an introduction to economic theory within a business and management context. This course will train you to think like an economist right from day one. You will develop your knowledge on the ideas and methods used by economists to support successful business and management.

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