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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the topography of Laos?

As observed on the physical map of Laos above, the overall topography of Laos is hilly and mountainous with thick green forests. River valleys and an increasingly steep terrain front the mountainous landscape. The Annamite Mountains and Luang Prabang Mountains are two of the important mountain chains in the country.

How many provinces are there in Laos?

This map shows the division of provinces of Laos. Laos is divided into 16 provinces, Vientiane Capital and Saysomboune Special Zone. Like This Page? Enjoy this page?

What is the future of Laos?

Although Laos’ mortality rates have improved substantially over the last few decades, the maternal mortality rate and childhood malnutrition remain at high levels. As fertility and mortality rates continue to decline, the proportion of Laos’ working-age population will increase, and its share of dependents will shrink.

What is the capital of Laos?

The capital and largest city of Laos is Vientiane. Other major cities include Luang Prabang, Savannakhet and Pakse. The natives speak an Austroasiatic language, and the official language of Laos is Lao. There are several distinct Lao languages spoken in Laos. More than 80 different languages/dialects have been documented. Where is Laos?

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