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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Le Journal des femmes?

Le Journal des Femmes : Magazine féminin mode, beauté, déco, cuisine... Comment perdre du poids après 40 ans ? Comment prévenir le vieillissement de la peau noire ? Quelles sont les tendances déco 2022 ?

What is the best feminist magazine to read?

Top 10 Feminist Magazines. Contents [ show ] ⋅ About this list & ranking. Feminist Magazines. Ms. Magazine. Lilith Magazine | Independent, Jewish and frankly Feminist. Equal Time Magazine | Syracuse University's Feminist Magazine. FEM News Magazine. GUTS Magazine | Canadian Feminist Magazine. Bitch Media Magazine.

What magazines does Issuu have for women?

Along with magazines that cater to women of specific ages, issuu also has magazines catering to women of specific trades. Enter Tom Tom Magazine: the only magazine in the world dedicated solely to female drummers.

What are the up-and-coming female-led magazines?

From teenagers to college students to working women, the up-and-coming female-led publications include a range of ages, themes and industries. One of the magazines at the foreground of young women's issues—from education to equality to campus rape culture—is The Siren, a student-led publication from The University of Oregon.

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