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Frequently Asked Questions

Is M-Tech a good brand?

It is now 1-1/2 years old, and M-Tech now has a similar priced mid price system with much more up to date performance specs. And they have a higher priced top of the line laptop which is just about the most powerful gaming laptop in existence, yet cost is very reasonable compared to Alienware or Dell. Never had problems operating this fine laptop.

What do you think of M-tech laptops?

"M-Tech Laptops provided excellent service and an excellent product. I received personalized help in selecting a laptop, and I couldn't be more thrilled with the computer now that I have it. Although the laptop wasn't cheap, I got what I paid for, and much more!"

Is M-tech laptops experiencing supply chain issues?

Along with many other businesses, M-Tech Laptops is experiencing supply chain issues. M-Tech has managed to restore our core model to inventory. You may notice fewer rive and video card option with a few of the models. Currently the D9670 , M8650 M140 and M8700 has some availability. The M6600, 6700 and M150 are unavailable at this point.

What happens if an M-tech laptop or desktop is rejected?

If an M-Tech Laptop or Desktop doesn't pass with the highest of standards, then it is rejected and the parts that make up the computer are sent back. Think about that, out there somewhere is a laptop in someone's home that was not good enough to be sold as an M-Tech, somebody paid good money for a laptop built with parts we rejected.

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