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What is famous in each district of Tamil Nadu?

Each popular place in Tamil Nadu is unique in its own way. If Thanjavur is famous for the 'Thalaiyattu Bommai' dolls, Thirunelveli is known for its halwa. It would enrich your travel experience if you knew what each of the places here were known for. Let's see what makes each of these places in Tamil Nadu popular.

What are the districts in Tamilnadu?

tamil nadu covers total land area of 130,060 km2 and is divided into 32 districts which are: ariyalur, chennai, coimbatore, cuddalore, dharmapuri, dindigul, erode, kancheepuram, kanyakumari, karur,...

Which area in Tamil Nadu is most fertile land?

the company in the year 2009 with a motto to use Tamilnadu fertile land for cultivation of rice, minerals, and grains. We aspire to provide the most fertile land at destinations like Thoothukudi, Tirunelveli, Virudhunagar, Ramanathapuram, and various other districts.

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