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Frequently Asked Questions

Are lightskins considered African American?

No, they are mixed if they have an African American parent and a parent that isn’t African American. But many African Americans are light skinned. So called black produce variants of different skin tone amongst their offspring because they hold the dominant gene.

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Is light skin a race?

Yes they are the same race. Skin tone has nothing or very little to do with race mixture. This was seen during the episode of the real daytime when the hostesses got their dna tested. on this clip, two black women in particular had their dna tested. the lighter skinned woman, tamar, was 84% african. The darker skinned woman, lonnie, 83%. Who Am I?

Are lightskins mixed?

“Lightskins” are people of biracial black & white descent. They tend to be half-white and half-black as they have 1 white parent and 1 black parent. Of course, you can probably be a lightskin by being partially Native American or something like that as well, though that’s not as common. Examples of lightskins include: Duchess Meghan Markle

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