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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a GDPR legitimate interest assessment?

A GDPR legitimate interest assessment (LIA) is a three-part test that determines if legitimate interest applies to a given data processing situation. LIAs are recommended by the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). The three-part test consists of the following:

How to identify a legitimate interest in data processing?

Record the LIA under the accountability obligation that can be found in Articles 5 (2) and 24 in the GDPR document. To identify the legitimate interest, ask the following: What is the overall goal for the data processing?

What are legitimate interests?

‘Legitimate interests’ covers a wide range of interests, whether of the company, third parties, commercial or for wider societal reasons. GDPR says that examples of legitimate interests include (but are not restricted to): These three questions can help determine legitimate interests for data collection and use: Purpose: why do you want the data?

What should I consider in my legitimate interest assessment?

This is probably the most obvious aspect to consider in your legitimate interest assessment. If you carry out the processing partly in the interest of the data subject that speaks for one outcome. If the processing could likely result in harm to the data subject that speaks for the opposite.

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