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Frequently Asked Questions

What are modular laboratories and clean rooms?

Providing versatility, optimal security, and reliable hygiene, modular laboratories and clean rooms are used in a wide range of applications, including hospitals, universities, and testing facilities.

How do you design a lab?

When designing a lab, it’s important to account for your workers as well as your equipment. Make sure people have enough room to work safely. Create a laboratory floor plan with clear traffic flows toward emergency exits. If you have mobile equipment, make sure your paths are large enough to accommodate it.

What do you need to know about lab equipment?

Proper Plumbing, Gas, and Electrical Fixtures Every lab needs standard lab benches, also known as workstations or utility tables. These basic models can be easily customized with many useful features, including plumbing fixtures, gas lines, electrical outlets, and burners.

What are the hazards of working in a laboratory?

Laboratory workers are exposed to numerous potential hazards including chemical, biological, physical and radioactive hazards, as well as musculoskeletal stresses. Laboratory safety is governed by numerous local, state and federal regulations.

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