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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of laboratory information management system?

extensive sample management, profiling and tracking capabilityautomated workflows – especially your critical lab processesa comprehensive audit trailfreezer and storage managementinventory management including consumables and assetsbarcode label printing and scanningstrong searching capabilityrecording test resultsMore items...

What does laboratory information management system mean?

A laboratory information management system (LIMS) is a software system developed to support laboratory operations. This software system can track specimens and workflows, aggregate data for research or business intelligence purposes, and ensure laboratory operations are compliant with various standards and regulations.

What are the benefits of laboratory information systems?

Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) play a key role in laboratories meeting quality standards, decreasing transcription errors, reducing turnaround time from specimen receipt to reporting . of results, and improving patient outcomes. In the last decade, technological advances in labo-

What is a laboratory information system?

A laboratory information system (LIS) is computer software that processes, stores and manages data from all stages of medical processes and tests. Physicians and lab technicians use laboratory information systems to coordinate varieties of inpatient and outpatient medical testing, including hematology, chemistry, immunology and microbiology.

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