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Frequently Asked Questions

What is La Cocina?

La Cocina Restaurant is a Latin American restaurant that serves up the best Latin food in Lancaster, PA. Whether it’s dining in or catering, we are here to satisfy your appetite with our mouth-watering dishes. Our restaurant has served authentic Spanish food for over 13 years. We cook our food with the best ingredients.

What is the best family restaurant in Lancaster PA?

One cuisine that we serve is Puerto Rican food. Our menu consists of a variety of Latin dishes which include pork and rice, empanadas, and stewed chicken. If you are having a tough time finding a great family restaurant in Lancaster, PA, try La Cocina Restaurant. Your family will surely enjoy our nourishing Spanish food.

How do I order take out in Lancaster PA?

If you are located in Lancaster, PA or the surrounding area, please drop by our restaurant or call us at (717) 481-9950 to order for take out. Our food will surely nourish your appetite. Make sure you come hungry!

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