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Frequently Asked Questions

How to download ROMs that kawaks supports?

Kawaks can totally support them. The only thing you do is to download the roms and place it into the ` roms ` folder. You can click Here to download roms that Kawaks supports, or just look at the right Menu. Important Notice: DO NOT RENAME OR UNZIP ANY ROM FILE!

How do I run the winkawaks app?

Run Kawaks. When you already download the file, extract it, and then click the Winkawaks.exe. You can place it anywhere you like. There is also a Step by Step manual . © 2013-2016, The WinKawaks™ Team.

How do I run kawaks on a USB flash drive?

3. Run Kawaks. When you get the file, Just extract it, and then click the Winkawaks.exe. You can move the whole files to put it anywhere you like. You can just copy it to your USB Flash Disk and run it anywhere at anytime.

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