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Frequently Asked Questions

How safe is Kaspersky Internet Security?

Yes, Kaspersky antivirus software is completely safe to use. Though NSA files are detected in the security software running on PC, its all due to hacking attempts made by Russian state-sponsored hackers who copied the NSA files upon targetting home machine.

Which is better Kaspersky Antivirus or Internet Security?

Kaspersky Anti-virus is less costly than Internet security. Though Internet Security is more costly, its features make up for the money spent. While Kaspersky Anti-virus offers basic security against viruses and malware, Internet Security provides high-level protection by dint of its sophisticated tools.

Does Kaspersky personal have real time protection?

Kaspersky has an excellent antivirus scanner and real-time malware protection - it caught all of my malware samples during testing. And it has some great additional protections as well. Its anti-phishing protection was pretty good at detecting risky sites. I also really like Kaspersky's parental controls, which I think are some of the best around.

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