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Does Julianna Margulies wear a wig on 'the Good Wife'?

(CBS) In real life Julianna Margulies sports an enviable mane of black curly hair but on “The Good Wife,” she has smooth brown locks. Turns out that the 47-year-old actress wears a wig on set. “The main reason, honestly, was because I wanted her to have a little bit of that WASP-y look to her,” Margulies confessed to E!

How long does it take Margulies to wear a wig?

Margulies—who looked stunning in a red and black ensemble for her appearance—decided that rather than spend all that time having her hair straightened, she'd wear a wig instead. As she put it, "Takes 10 minutes to put that wig on and there's no continuity problems."

Does Margulies wear a $10,000 wig when playing Alicia Florrick?

Margulies visited the Late Show on Wednesday night and explained to host David Letterman that she wears a $10,000 wig when playing the stylish Alicia Florrick.

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