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Frequently Asked Questions

What did the First Lady wear to Inauguration Day?

The First Lady of the United States chose a jewel-toned coat and dress by the American label for today's historic ceremony. Dr. Jill Biden began Inauguration Day beside her President-elect husband in a turquoise tweed coat with velvet lapels paired with a matching dress and face mask by New York–based designer Markarian.

What is the theme of Biden’s wedding dress?

Biden's ensemble continues a jewel-toned theme from the First Lady—while highlighting her commitment to supporting young, American designers.

What is the meaning behind Joe Biden's Violet outfit?

Last night's violet look, a blend of red and blue, was said to signify unity, a focal point of the president-elect's mission in office. Biden paired today's ensemble with a clutch by Tyler Ellis and diamond step-cut earrings set in recycled platinum by Monique Péan.

Where was Joe Biden's coat and dress made?

The brand shared that Biden's coat and dress were "carefully crafted by a small team in the heart of New York City's Garment Center and hand-finished by O'Neill in her West Village studio." Carrie Goldberg Weddings & Travel Director Carrie Goldberg is’s Weddings & Travel Director.

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