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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jersey Mike's subs?

Jersey Mike’s Subs is now a sandwich chain specializing in authentic East Coast-style subs for more than 60 years. With over two thousand stores open in the United States, Jersey Mike’s Subs is known for its hand-prepared and high-quality submarine sandwiches nationwide.

How many Jersey Mike's locations are there in the US?

California Jersey Mike's Subs locations (226) Colorado Jersey Mike's Subs locations (14) Connecticut Jersey Mike's Subs locations (13) District of Columbia Jersey Mike's Subs locations (2)

What are the best Italian subs in New Jersey?

When you're making a "best of" list of New Jersey subs, there are bound to be at least a few Italian combos on it. Joe Leone's version makes the cut as a beautiful collection of cured meats — salami, prosciutto, capicola — as well as lettuce, red onion, tomato, and a thick slab of fresh mozzarella.

Is Jersey Mike's a trademark?

Website Accessibility Statement "Jersey Mike’s Subs," "Jersey Mike’s," and "Mike’s Way" are registered trademarks of A Sub Above, LLC. "Lay's" is a registered trademark of Frito-Lay North America, Inc. "Pepsi" is a registered trademark of PepsiCo, Inc.

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