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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some cool Japanese names?

Japanese baby names are gorgeous. They will make a little girl feel beautiful, inside and out. Here are some more popular Japanese girl names and their meanings: 308. Rai — trust. 309. Raku — pleasure. 310. Ran — water lily. 311. Ran — orchid. 312. Rei — lovely bell. 313. Reiki — healing the spirit. 314. Reiko — thankful child. 315. Reina — wise. 316.

What is a good name for a boy in Japan?

Japanese boy names have plenty to offer in this department. If you prefer a more earthly and powerful name for your new son, then here are the most popular power names from Japan. Hideo – An excellent male child. Hiroto – Big. Isamu – Brave. Junichiro – He who takes. Kaneko – The golden child. Katashi – Hard and firm. Katsu – A ...

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