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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Jamie Stelter's wife?

NY1 news reporter Jamie Stelter is married to fellow CNN reporter Brian Stelter who is leaving the outlet amidst the cancelation of his show, Reliable Sources. Brian and Jamie Stelter have been together since 2010 and the couple was married four years later. Who is Brian Stelter's wife, Jamie Shupak Stelter?

Are Brian Patrick and Jamie Shupak Stelter still married?

Brian Patrick and Jamie Shupak Stelter have been married since 2014. The couple has been blessed with two children. The firstborn daughter, Sunny Ray, was born in 2017, and the son, Story Moon, was born in 2019. What happened to Suge Knight and where is he right now?

Who is Brian Stelter's daughter?

The couple has a cute little daughter named Sunny Ray Stelter who was born on 21 May 2017. Previously, Brian Stelter dated Nicole Lapin, American television news anchor, author, and businesswoman but they split.

Who is Brian Stelter and what does he do?

Brian Stelter is an American journalist who is currently serving as the senior media correspondent. Previously, he had already worked as a medical reporter for the New York Times and the editor of TV Newser.

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