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Frequently Asked Questions

How to check your network connections on Linux?

cat /sys/class/net/eno1/operstate. Another option is use the ip command along with grep command / egrep command: ip a s eno1 | grep state. OR. sudo ethtool eno1 | grep -i 'Link det'. OR. nmcli device status. Various command to check your network connections on Linux.

How to fix ipconfig is not recognized?

FIX FOR: "ipconfig is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file." Goto the Command Prompt ... Start + Run cmd <Enter> . Change to System 32 sub-directory ... CD C:WindowsSystem32 <Enter> . Run IPConfig and direct the output to a text file ... ipconfig /all > c:ipconfig-all.txt <Enter> .

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