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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Antivirus software for a Kindle Fire?

Avast Security & Antivirus. Avast Security is important in security and antivirus filed for Kindle Fire. It can automatically scan the infected apps, Trojans, spyware and suspicious files. And it has more functions beyond scanning for viruses. You can use it to check the permissions of installed apps.

Do I need an antivirus for my Kindle Fire?

Kindle Fire Antivirus: You Still Don’t Need It. ... The Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD do not need antivirus or malware protection because they are not “proliferation-friendly” devices, run a custom version of Android, and cannot multi-task, and therefore are not (yet) being targeted by hackers.

Do you need wifi for a Kindle Fire?

You need a Wi-Fi connection if you wish to purchase Kindle books through your Kindle. However, a Wi-Fi connection is not necessary to place book orders. You can log on to your Amazon account from any device that has an Internet connection, including your home computer or mobile phone.

Do I need Internet Security Fo my Kindle Fire HD?

The Fire has some barebones features concerning security, and it might behoove you to get a security app if you browse the internet often. That said, if you don't plan on using the Fire for anything other than reading your e-books, you don't have too much to worry about.

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