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Frequently Asked Questions

When will Internet Explorer 11 be released?

Internet Explorer versions: Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) is the eleventh and last version of the Internet Explorer web browser by Microsoft. It was officially released on October 17, 2013 for Windows 8.1 and on November 7, 2013 for Windows 7.

How do I update Internet Explorer version?

Click the gear-shaped icon on any open Internet Explorer window, and then click About Internet Explorer. The About Internet Explorer pop-up windows opens. Check the box next to Install new versions automatically to set automatic updates in Internet Explorer.

How do I install Internet Explorer on my PC?

Click the option for "Downloads and Trials" on the top menu and then choose "Internet Explorer" (the version number updates whenever there is a new release). Click "Download Now" and then save the Internet Explorer setup file to your computer. Find the file and click "Run" to start the installation process.

Can you still use Internet Explorer?

2005-07-22: Yes, you can still use Internet Explorer after you install Firefox. Most users will want to keep Internet Explorer around for those rare occasions when a site absolutely refuses to work with anything else. Although this sort of behavior is a good reason to stop visiting a website, that is not always an option.

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